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Friday, July 11th, 2008
9:25 am
Another Summer Begins
At least by the way that we tack the changing seasons...that is to say that Sterling Renn Faire is about to be up and swinging. I look forward to the Faire under the new ownership and have high hopes for it.

On the other hand, I approach the weekend with some trepidation as Rory, the beloved spouse, is tired, stressed and wishing for a low key weekend. I count on the magic of good friends being present to alleviate this once his day is finally over today. Of course, tomorrow morning will start off with the annual, "This kilt doesn't work right" ritual. In which my dapper Scotsman wrestles with the great kilt for the first time of the season and we have to get it pinned in place once he twitches it into shape. (It must be noted that he has worn a great kilt for 20 odd years, so this is not due to unfamiliarity, simply the nature of the beast). At some point in the ritual, he will swear that he's just staying home this year......Ah Renn Faire, it's here at last!

On the third hand... Our little group has been evolving in some interesting fashions and I have some playmates (Jayde, Iso and Mairi)who are stepping up to the board this season to assist in reeking havoc all over the shire and generally mucking with everyone's heads. Failing that, Jayde and I can be found draped over the counter at the wine tasting booth making friends and swilling fermented grapes! :-)

I must away now to ready 'Rarely and Rory's Bed & Bring-Your-Own Breakfast' <sorry all rooms are already accounted for> for the upcoming and happily anticipated invasion (I swear this house is at its best when it rings with the conversations and laughter of Rory, myself, Jayde and Iso, with a few guest appearances from the Bear and the Wolf).

Does anyone know where I dropped my accent last year????? Mayhap I'll find it in that bottle of Scotch.....

See you all in Warwickshire- Your 'Beloved Mushroom Lady'
Monday, April 14th, 2008
1:13 pm
This is supposed to be pleasant...
Right....so all the gnomes have been remanded to their respective parents' care for the week, this should be pleasant.

1. Dell called to remind me that my warranty is running out. This prompted me to plead with Iso and Jayde to take a look at my laptop over the weekend because I am *not* insane and it *will* read DVD's but not CD's of any sort, pre-recorded or blank, blank or data. They confirmed this, but were unable to make it behave as it should.

2. I ran Dell's hidden Diagnostic program, which is blissfully simple to do for those of us that do not have careers in the tech industry. It told me that the CD drive  failed it's optics test and I should call Dell....no shit.....It gave me an error code to supply t the tech which would tell him what was wrong.....Said tech appeared to ignore the code entirely and took over my computer remotely to assess it...for 30 minutes....still no good. "Am I sure that the CD that is in the drive is good??" Yes, I am, we were listening to it just the other day, but I will oblige and put in a different disc. Guess what....it *still* doesn't read it. ......."Dear Mr. Indian Tech Support Guy, Neither myself or my friends are total idiots, we already did this, remember, I told you that when you asked me what the problem was....." End result, the drive is toast, they are sending a new one and, as I don't feel able to replace it myself, they will also send a tech to install it. I'm no fool, it's still under warranty, *They* can muck about with it at no cost to me in case they go "oops".

3. The garage has called. I was a good elf and scheduled my car in for regular maintenance and to get the snow tires off. It's ready to be picked up. BTW, it needs new rear rotors and drums......owwwww, <sigh> I will have them schedule that for later this week, while I am on supposed vacation....Guess Iso is driving to the Spa on Thursday.

Me, I'll be spending quality time with my spinning wheel and walking my butt back and forth across town to pick up and drop off my car.....

At least it's not raining.
Friday, February 22nd, 2008
2:06 pm
So, here I am, ostensibly at the end of a week off, why don't I feel like I've gotten anything accomplished??? OK, so I started off the week with walking pneumonia, but what the heck, I have worn a bodice for Renn Fair for years and am used to functioning at 50% or less O2.

 Day 1 of time off, spouse and  I spent the day together, quite nice actually and then he was back off to work on Tues.

Day 2: Place of employment accepted new referral effective 2/12. because the child is under 3 yo, she does *not* have this week off and must get services...to quote Jayde, "Fuck you sideways with a blender...". I was *so* looking forward to time off and I know it is only 40 min round trip plus half an hour with the nipper, but *meow* all the same.

Day 3: Oh Joy! Appointment to get taxes done and eyes checked. Good news, the reason that the glasses give me tension headache is that the wombat at WalMart , who insisted that I must be having difficulty with seeing objects close at hand because I was, "OVER 40 YEARS OLD", despite numerous protests that I am not yet holding books or *anything* else at arm's length, changed the prescription in my glasses. End result of visit at a competent MD- I have 20/20 vision in both eyes, *despite* my advanced age. Taxes did not go so happily, my last place of employ, by not paying the max allowable mileage per the fed government stiffed me almost 3K and I ain't getting it back, in fact, we will owe almost that much. The joys of starting a new business halfway through the fiscal year...next year will be much better. And given how much we owe in taxes, so will my waistline.....

Day 4: Bagged on the nipperkin, caught halfway up on the paperwork and got some fiber dyed for spinning. Even went out and shoveled so Rory didn't have to hop through the snow drifts that weren't supposed to be there. Oh yeah, oil change in here somewhere, too, along with quick trip to grocery store.

Day 5: Today I well and truly have off. Hard to enjoy at the outset as Rory is not happy about the disparity in our schedules...like it's my fault?? Not to worry, by 12:30 and a glass of wine, I am well and truly over it! :-) 2 more batches of fiber dyed and paperwork ignored, the day is looking up....Wonder if I can wedge any time in with the spinning wheel?

Am I insane to have expected to have accomplished more?? Perhaps I should start playing the lottery so I can indulge my creative side and still maintain a roof over my head???

I blame Rory....he is the one that got me to explore what I can do with my crafts more, and now I begrudge the time that I have to spend earning money rather than playing. Perhaps someday I will have the skill to walk away from the mundane job and follow the crafting, but it ain't happening any time soon and today it makes me vexed.

Now don't you all wish that I'd post even less frequently??
Friday, November 16th, 2007
3:17 pm
Friday musings
So, I sit here at the computer ignoring the dust rhinos that are clamoring for attention. If I spend enough time hear, perhaps they will fade back into the steppes?? For those who are unaware, I *despise* housework. I'd rather mow the lawn or shovel snow. I've done all the DIY for the day that I can manage without annoying the spouse when he gets home. I got tired of waiting for him to have time to pull the front porch screen panel and screw in the new acrylic one, so I dealt with it. Heh! I can sew, knit, spin *and* do home improvement projects, doesn't that rate a maid of some sort????

On the crafty sort of project end of things, the "cat sack" has been felted down to Calliope size and she is now, predictably, ignoring it and/or running away from the new "bad" thing. Wait till she jumps in my lap tonight and finds it there ahead of her! She is a mondo big-time lap cat in the evenings, so I figure, I'll just have it there ahead of her, she can fall asleep on/next to it and it'll start smelling like her. Wish me luck!

I have decided that my annoyance with all people under 3' tall is my SAD rearing its lovely head nice and early this year. I am fine if the sun is out or even when it is snowing, I just need brightness in my daytime (stop smiling knowingly, Jayde). To counteract this, I have decided to put on nice warm, wooby clothes, allow the cat to plop into my lap, pull out some of that beautiful fleece I got at Rhinebeck and sit, sip(Diamond) and spin....ahhhh Nirvana. When my shoulder starts to act up , I will start knitting some socks for some lucky somebody. Hmm, would this be my secret identity peeking out (stop smirking Jayde).
3:16 pm
William Shakespeare

Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and rarely bubble.

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
11:51 pm
William Shakespeare

Let's carve him as a dish fit for the rarely,
Not hew him as a carcass fit for hounds.

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5:31 pm
Is it Friday yet????
Ok, I seem to have developed an intolerance for 4-year-olds. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but as I have to deal with them on a regular basis for work, I can only hope they stop whining soon! To cap it off, despite never having children of my own and always having been able to dodge the baby sitting side of things, it is unfathomable to be how I got involved in potty training someone else's child.... He is discovering that I really don't give a damn that he is mildly autistic and doesn't like to be told when to do what. He will sit on the potty until the timer goes off and he can scream all he wants...I don't really care, especially once I removed the roll of toilet paper from the stall which he had begun to tear off in 2 square sections and drop into the bowl. I was not adding toilet plunging to the list for the day.

On  the far brighter side, one of the teachers I now work with turns out to be another raving Joss Whedon fan. The rest of the staff thinks we are certifiable, which I am totally comfortable with. Life is much more interesting when you can make your co-workers twitch.

I have now spent an unproductive afternoon attempting to get the desktop and laptop to communicate. I know that I have done this in the past, but the magic now eludes me....

Now to go force my creative will on pair of jeans to make them more interesting...yeah that's it, when the universe is running against you, rip apart clothing!
Monday, November 12th, 2007
3:57 pm
Math is not my shining moment...
And neither, it seems, is looking at what I had previously written to find out that I last posted 3 years ago, not 4.

My retirement accounts are driving me crazy. We now have a financial planner and are busy trying to consolidate all the teeny 401Ks that I've accumulated in my 20+years of work. That all is going well, however trying to roll over the money from the divorce is sending me right 'round the bend... John had a TIAA-CREFF account which I received a portion of. The CREFF portion moved over no problem. TIAA will only be released to my new 401K at a rate of 10% for the next 10 years. I was quite precise with the nice gentleman on the other end of the phone as to how I felt about it (do you know that they are even more taken aback when you do this without any profanity?) I mean, *I* didn't choose this company and I'm not asking them to give me cash, I ought to be able to roll it over in its entirety to a different fund....I'm going to go seethe for a while now...
3:23 pm
Back Again
Ok, so I am stepping back up to the podium after a 4 year absence....Anybody miss me?? Perhaps a brief-ish update for those who don't get to personally keep up with what happens out here in the hinterlands...

1. We have had the first snow of the season up here and it was right on schedule for my birthday, thank you very much. Yes, you can all blame me for that.

2. We were adopted this past spring by a feral calico kitten who assures us that the world does indeed revolve around her and only her. She has inveigled her way into the house (no small feat, given Rob's severe allergies as a child) and now onto the bed during the day, where she has commandeered my afghan. A cat bed has been knitted and is going to be felted down today to offer her an alternative. Photos of Calliope to be added when I learn how to run a computer!

3. I have left my job working in home care and have returned to pediatrics. Definitely not where the bucks are, but I am ever so much happier.

4. Rob works essentially for Whirlpool doing trainings in Eastern NYS.

5. We have added on to the house and now have a great deck and screen room in which we and a couple of favored Rennies pretty much spent every breathing moment this past summer.

6. I have added yet another crafty sort of pursuit to my repertoire and can now semi-competently spin. Sheep fleece (and alpaca and angora and cashmere) rocks! :-)

That's all the news that is of even minor interest (welcome to Sterling in the off season)
Thursday, August 12th, 2004
4:13 pm
Now for a word from our sponsors......
Well, I see that I am at best, a sporadic journaler....sorry to those who were hoping for more, perhaps I'll get more consistent ATW ('AFTER THE WEDDING'). Yep, it is stated in capitals at all times, because the freaking event is taking over our lives...

Rob is out on the road 3-5 days at a time currently, and to add a little spice to the mixture, his car self-destructed on Monday...bad vehicle, bad, bad vehicle....This impacted me on far more plaens than you can imagine, as I had planned on Tuesday to get some serious sewing begun on my wedding dress (event is no 5 weeks away). Instead, I end up taxiing him down to the airport to rent a car(an hour commute) and then haul myself all the way home in time to turn around and leave for an appointment.
Another drawback to being home alone is attempting to fit the lawn mowing into my work & wedding schedules when A) it isn't raining and B) the lawn isn't squishing...a modern feat of schedule juggling, that!

The good news is that plans are coming together, my bodice pattern for the dress is in it's final fitting stage and the embroidery has been sussed out and, I think, is ready to start being performed on the actual fabric. Replies are beginning to coem in and it looks like everyone who is invited is going to come. Rob and I are actually quite surprised at the number of folks who have bee fishing for invitations and/or are eager and anticipating the event...maybe they just want to be sure it *really* happens!??

On a strange note, I took some time out to catch up on other folks' blogs, only to find out that my ex is no longer in the state. Considering that, until the last year or so, we had stayed pretty much in touch, I was surprised, to say the least. I was even more surprised to see the parallel we are living, as he is engaged, as well....strangeness.

And on a final note, here's a quizzila I took, thought you might all find it amusing...I'm not sure they pegged me quite right, but then again...free spirit fits aquite comfortably!

You have a free soul! As all the souls go, yours is
the most free-spirited and adventurous. You
like camping, hiking, or interaction with other
people. Your a social butterfly, but not
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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
10:28 pm
Wedding cakes....I never want to see another picture of a wedding cake! So how did this whole tradition of spun sugar, artery clogging sweets evolve??? Betcha there was an overlord (or more likely his daughter) way back that just had to outdo the Jones' next door and one thing led to another and here we are today.

I must say, however, that I have seen some pretty *strange* ideas of what is best for a wedding cake, and I don't mean a tower of Krispy Kremes here....I have seen a brides torso, fully decorated
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Wedding cakes....I never want to see another picture of a wedding cake! So how did this whole tradition of spun sugar, artery clogging sweets evolve??? Betcha there was an overlord (or more likely his daughter) way back that just had to outdo the Jones' next door and one thing led to another and here we are today.

I must say, however, that I have seen some pretty *strange* ideas of what is best for a wedding cake, and I don't mean a tower of Krispy Kremes here....I have seen a brides torso, fully decorated <who gets to cut it, I wonder?>, all sorts of Taj Mahal/Arabesque improbable creations that simply defy gravity, castles complete with residents....

Talk about sugar overload! Me, the Queen of the Chocoholics, am on sugar overload.......I'm going off to vibrate in the corner now.....

Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
7:05 pm
At It Again..
Well, At least it's not the wee hours of the morning this time! :-) I'm afraid that folks who tune in here will start to follow a train of 'look out, here comes the wedding' sort of postings.....And the count down begins...4 1/2 months.

Over all our mood is cool, situation is mostly under control. Ceremony and reception at the Springside, we were ever so impressed when John & Lisa tied the knot there. Irish Pub band, plus 2 other sets of musicians lined up for the evening, Springside won't know what hit them! hee, hee! Wedding dress designed, in the process of designing the embroidery..hmm time is ticking here.... Ok, that's the everything is cool list.

Now for the 'Incidents Leading To Murder' List....only one so far, the family relative (groom's side) who was supposed to be doing the photography still hasn't sent us any info....asked for it in January and then 3 weeks ago....groom is getting ready to kill, bride is scrambling to find a fill in...good news, Mike Meagher from Sterling Renn Faire is more than happy to do the photography...Rob will probably still kill his cousin, just on principle.....hey, that's one less dinner to pay for! :-)

Now we are into the fun stuff like planning Honeymoom. Time for me to do more research to see if we can swing Scotland this Fall, otherwise,we are invading the land of the mouse! I promise to play miniature golf while I am down there, everyone who's ever played with me knows that Mickey might not survive.....Can't you just see me & Rob in Disney....

Ah well, back to the sewing machine..TTFN

Current Mood: indescribable
Thursday, April 29th, 2004
12:37 am
Giving it a whirl....
Hey everyone in cyber land...I'm finally sticking my toes in the waters....current doesn't seem too strong :-)

So what do you say at 12:30AM, besides that I really ought to be neck deep in bubbles at the moment???? One really should not tune in to Dr. Zhivago when one is all alone...

Things are mostly quiet on the home front, now that the source of the nasty diesel fumes has been tracked down....in our front ditch to be precise....elderly neighbor's fuel oil tank is leaking, it rained and sump pump obligingly dumped the basement contents out into the ditch! Said elderly neighbor is away on vacation, but others had access to her house and all is well. Simply waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the nice men from DEC to show up and tell them what to do to finish clearing out our ditch. I am *so* glad that this is only minorly my problem!

Been for my 3rd dental visit in 3 weeks, after having avoided their ilk like the plague for 11 years....as a result, trip to Scotland is delayed until next spring...looks like a honeymoon in Disney (hee hee!)But I am wondering, why is my gum still numb in one spot 14 hours post drilling???? Ah well, at least I can drink from a glass again (never, ever attempt this from a car mug immediately after having dental work done...defiantely bad for the upholstery, not to mention the scrubs!)

Signing off,
The Mushroom Lady

Current Mood: moody
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